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What you must do to win the Scientist Of The Year award

Scientific research includes different branches of science and advanced fields like human cloning, space exploration and human genetics. Scientific study attempts to understand and explore the occurrences of nature by conducting experiments. There are many scientists who aspire to win the Scientist of the Year award from a well-known and respected organization. However, to become [...]

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Famous Scientists

Our current understanding of light as a form of energy came from the work of several famous scientists who dedicated their lives to its study. The following eleven scientists were instrumental in this regard. Svante Arrhenius explained the warmth on the surface of the earth and was the one who suggested that it had something [...]

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America’s Top Young Scientist

Check out this video of America’s top young scientist. 14 year old Deepika Kurup won the title with her solar-powered jug that purifies water.

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Charles Darwin

The most influential scientists

Scientists are some of the greatest contributors to the well being of manhood. They innovate and invent things that are geared towards making life better. However, in some occasions, their actions may endanger the existence of life on earth. This article aims at identifying the most influential scientists who ever graced the earth planet. Here [...]

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Albert Einstein – How I See the World

Watch this video and find out how Albert Einstein saw the world.

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Albert Einstein

Top 10 Science Quotes

Since the renaissance, society has turned to scientists for knowledge and wisdom. Their experiments and discoveries have changed the world, and they will continue to for as long as the species continues. However, they are much more than just lab coat donning chart junkies. Scientists are surprisingly adept wordsmiths, and have provided some of history’s [...]

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Higgs bosons

The greatest scientific discoveries of the 2012

There were a lot of great moments in science last year. Science has made ​​great strides in 2012 from finding the long-sought subatomic particles which are moving across boundaries in space to correcting the ethical mistakes. While all these moments are not necessarily big science discoveries, all of them will have a huge, lasting impact [...]

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young woman in lab

Branches of Science

The branches of Science also known as Scientific fields or Scientific disciplines are well illustrative on the definition of Science and the areas it covers. The three main subdivisions are Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences. Physical Sciences can be defined as the study of non living matter. Sciences included on this division are [...]

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light bulb

Top 10 Scientific Discoveries

Science has transformed the way we live and has given us more than we could ever dreamt of. The scientific discoveries represent one of the most important gifts we could ever receive, since they improved our way of living, allowing us to really enjoy the life on planet earth. What are the most important scientific [...]

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